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This is my last edition of the newsletter that I have used to communicate with you on ministry and our sharing together for the cause of Christ. We have had fun times, we have struggled together, we have faced challenges as God’s people. As your pastor over these few years, I have come to care for and appreciate you. I have befriended you in Christian love.

You, Emmanuel Church, the people of God, have been supportive and open to my vision casting toward Emmanuel’s calling to ministry. We have worked together for the cause of Christ and the good future of Emmanuel Church.  My only regret is that we could not do more together. But as Jan, a church secretary at a previous church, would say to me, “You did what God wanted you to accomplish.” And so I have served according to God’s leading.

I pray that you would heed my counsel to be about ministry to the community around you. My heartfelt desire is that you embrace the need to be reaching out to others in Jesus name, and that this important calling will not be left go. Making disciples for the transformation of the world is our mandate. And so I leave this last word of encouragement – be intentional about ministry to reach out toward this community in the name of Jesus Christ.


I close my ministry and this article with this verse from ” Hymn of Promise” that speaks to balance of life and God’s  working in the midst of our living:

In our end is our beginning; in our time infinity;

in our doubt there is believing; in our life, eternity.

In our death, a resurrection; at the last a victory,

unveiled until its season, something God alone can see.

Thank you for your support of the pastor in the pulpit. I was honored to fill that pulpit and now pass those responsibilities on to another who will faithfully carry on the cause of Christ with you. May God richly bless you and guide you in serving the Savior, in reaching a world in need of the love of God!

Pastor Gene Liddick,
Appointed to Retirement.




On three consecutive Sundays in June there were Baptisms. There were also dedications of children unto the Lord. Shown below is Benjamin Dincher, dedicated; Dillan and Kaylyn Casey, baptized. On following Sundays: Mariah Carter, is dedicated; Jonathan Rodriguez, believer’s baptism (above). Grace, Abigail & Emma Geissler, baptized on June 25th. Pray for and support these families, that they be raised up in faith.






Long hours and dedicated service seemed to be so short. After 34 years as a pastor, now the time has passed by so quickly. A wonderful celebration took place on June 4th after morning worship.


A lasagna meal and plentiful desserts was the faire for the noon meal. Thanks to Jim Butts and the crew who assisted him!


Then came the words of affirmation and testimonies by persons in attendance. Ken Wert emceed the informal time of sharing. Beth Neubaum and Ken were the organizers of the event that hosted 200 persons. Kudos to those two, and those who supported them! They planned a meaningful event for the Liddick family and me, your pastor. Thank you!


The words of appreciation and testimonies to my commitment to be a caring pastor were so rich, that like a delicious dessert are savored by me. Folks shared from recent experiences and the sweep of years in my ministry. Such kind words! I was proud and humbled at the same time as my sons stood before the gathering, along with my brother, telling of the man they knew as pastor and father.


Last, I want to thank all those who gave toward a retirement gift, those who offered expressions of gratitude individually, as well as the many cards to congratulate me at my retirement. Again my thanks and gratitude to one and all!





Two dozen wonderful kids participated in the Vacation Bible School program this year. The theme was Super Heroes.



It served as a boost in faith experience for the kids as they continue to grow in stature, while God is growing ever closer in their hearts. This is why VBS is important. And this is why Kathy Lemkelde coordinated VBS for yet another year.


There was another great team of volunteers this year. This solid group of leaders has made the VBS a rich experience for the children.


Marlene and Caroline Grove provided for fun time with exercise and science facts. Mike Bubb was so patience and caring as he assisted the kids in the crafts time. Carole Armstrong presented the Bible stories
and tried to make them relevant. 


Terry Magaro made creative snacks that were tied to the theme.   Last there was Super Bob! Of course he was none other than Bob Buyers with his enthusiasm for kids. And there were others who served to make the VBS a success; too many to name here. Kudos to the leaders and those who assisted the children throughout the week!




Dear friends, I have written of my joy in serving Jesus Christ and partnering with you in ministry here. I have served as your pastor for 5 years. But on July 1, 2017, I will no longer be your pastor.
 sacred trust.jpg
As a matter of ministerial ethics, I will NOT return to worship, or to preside at funerals or weddings. Your new pastor will be here to do this and deserves the opportunity to bond with you in these special ways. This is her time to serve Christ and minister to you as the pastor of Emmanuel Church. In fact, whether at Emmanuel or other locations, if the ministry, including visitations, is for persons related to Emmanuel Church, Rev. Mindi Ferguson is the pastor who you call upon to do so!  Gene.



red bird.jpg

Red Bird Missionary Conference has been a mission interest of Emmanuel Church for a number of years. Red Bird has served the impoverished in Appalachia through benevolent and caring ministry. Emmanuel Church was considered for this musical tour because of our decades of support. In fact, the missionary, Rev. Smallwood, whom Emmanuel has supported was present and directed the Cardinal Singers choir that performed here.


This is a select choir of high school students in Kentucky, within the Red Bird Missionary Conference confines, audition to sing and tour. Those who attended were blessed by the wonderful music these young people provided.


This opportunity for musical performance was also an opportune time to reveal how Red Bird Missionary Conference is making a difference in Kentucky.



mindi with bishop.jpg

This Annual Conference session was exceptionally important for Pastor Mindi Fergusson. The title of ‘reverend’ was conferred upon her. She was voted in as a full member of the Annual Conference, meaning she is a pastor in good standing who has fulfilled all requirements to be an Elder in the U. M. Church. This has been a long journey that involved seminary training after college, an internship, and careful scrutiny by the Board of Ordained Ministry. Now that is completed and your new pastor has shown herself worthy of the title as a reverend.


Rev. Mindi Fergusson with other Elders
ordained on May 7

may 7 -ordained.jpg



Please be sure to mark  July 2nd on your calendar for you and your family to join the congregation in welcoming our new Pastor Mindi Ferguson.


July 2nd is the first Sunday that Mindi will lead us in Sunday morning worship. A time of informal gathering with light buffet style luncheon is scheduled to be held in our social hall following the morning worship service.

Signup sheets have been placed at the Welcome Desk simply to get an idea of how many persons will be attending.   Sign up is encouraged but all are welcome to attend on the day of the event.



Emmanuel United Methodist Church