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Open Your Heart to God!

Love unconditionally. Live in community.
Teach biblically. Give sacrificially.



Much of this issue is a look back at Holy Week; from Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday.



The Eggstravaganza, in its third year, took take place on the Saturday before Easter Sunday. This is a wonderful and fun outreach event went from 9:00 until noon. Over 60 children participated.


A full morning of fun activities for the children was set. Holiday related crafts were offered. There was a jelly bean bingo offered. There were other stations: egg decorating, a snack station and photos with the Easter Bunny. Unique crafts were made: a butterfly made with a snack bag, malted eggs, and pipe cleaners; an Easter bunny made out of a sock, filled with rice. Adults even had a snack table. Of course the Easter egg hunt was the highlight of the morning. Bags were issued to the kids and were filled to capacity with plastic eggs, as the children scurried about picking up eggs by the dozens.


Thanks to area businesses, there were giveaway incentives ranging from gift certificates to Easter baskets. What an exciting morning! Parents raved about the event being the best Easter egg hunt yet.  And what a great crew of people who were involved in greeting persons, attending to tables at each station! This was truly a grand outreach opportunity through the Eggstravaganzia. And lives were touched. Thanks to Chelsea Dincher, coordinating the event, the adult helpers and the youth, all who made the success of the day.



Chelsea Dincher wrote the following and sent this word of welcome to families that registered for the Eggstravaganza -


We here at Emmanuel Church hope that you and your family had a very happy Easter celebrating the Risen King! We want to thank you for spending part of your Easter weekend with us, participating in Emmanuel’s Third Annual “Eggstravaganza!” It was such a pleasure to host you and your family at this event; we hope you enjoyed yourself!

Please know that you and your family are important to us and are always welcome to join the Emmanuel family on Sunday mornings for Sunday School at 9:15 and Worship at 10:30. We offer a Junior Church program for elementary-aged students that dismisses about 1/3 of the way through the service.


We also have a Youth Ministry that meets on Sunday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm, serving students who are in grades 6-12.

If there is ever a time that you would like to know more about Emmanuel Church, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email. You can also look us up on Facebook by searching “Emmanuel United Methodist Church.”

Chelsea S. Dincher, Director of Emmanuel Youth and Young Adult Ministry



IMG_0939.JPGApril 9th we gathered to worship on Passion Sunday. Our worship to the glory of God was in the form of the cantata titled, “Canticle of the Cross.” This was a musical presentation of the importance of the message found in the cross. Yes the cross upon which Jesus died on our behalf. He took the cross upon himself, the cross of condemnation to bring the defeat of sin and death for us. This powerful theological statement of God intervening on our behalf is what the “Canticle of the Cross” is all about.


What a joy to hear Connie Shover narrate the story of the cross! Soloists highlighted were Megan Beitzel and Bob Grove. The choir was at full strength. There were 27 voices. This cantata was inspired by Celtic  music traditions.


This sacred performance lifted before us the cross; the heart-felt message of God’s love and grace displayed in Christ’s redemptive act upon that cross. This presentation of the theology of the cross will be long remembered.


Easter Sunday is the celebration of the victory gained through Jesus Christ’s sacrificial act of dying on the cross to take our sins upon himself. This miracle of grace and compassionate love of God is symbolic in the cross. Easter Sunday symbols are an empty cross and an empty tomb. Praise God for this victory over sin and death!


Sunrise came at the ‘point’ in West Fairview just a few minutes after the Sunrise service began at 6:30 am. A hearty group of early risers joined to sing of the Rise Lord.


West Fairview Church and Emmanuel Church members worshipped at the riverside and give praise to God. A great start to declare the Good News of the Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ.


God’s people called Emmanuel Church gathered to worship on Easter Sunday. Easter flowers, lilies, mums and tulips adorned the sanctuary. Families were united as distant members came with their loved ones to worship again at their home church. We sang, prayed and fellowshipped with one another. Children heard Easter story.


The “Messiah” chorus was presented to the glory of God, as a large number of persons joined to the sanctuary choir to sing at the end of worship.


My purpose in ministry is to assist believers to become all that one might be as a disciple of Christ. Bearing that in mind, I want to emphasize crucial matters for your attention. To be all that you might be - you are challenged to step up in service, prayer, giving and witness. These are vows of membership that you made to become a member. This is your calling to fulfill your vows!

For the future of Emmanuel Church, your Church, be ready and willing to serve beyond what you are doing now. And if you are doing nothing, it is time to get engaged in participating in the work of the church. Your church needs you to help. You may help in worship, special projects, or by being a greeter. There are many options. But this does not limit the possibilities. Also an important thing to do is be in touch with the Lord. Pray for Emmanuel Church, ministry direction and the paid staff who support you in ministry.

I also challenge you to step up in giving. A presentation in worship on the need to give was made most clearly. Giving has not matched expenses. I call upon you to reflect on the charts that reveal our situation in giving shortfall. Just a few more dollars from each member would compound and make a huge difference. I call upon you to pray and decide to give for Emmanuel’s future.


Last, tell the story of Emmanuel Church. Share about the difference Jesus Christ and the church has made in your life. Share the love of Christ. Invite a friend to come and see what God is doing. Do these things and you

will grow in discipleship and learn all the more of the love of God in your heart. Make these words of encouragement the ones your remember from me, so that Emmanuel Church, YOU, grow in ministry together.


Jan. 1, 2016     $68,331                       July 31, 2016   $36,900

Jan. 31, 2016   $61,000                       Aug. 31, 2016 $33,856

Feb. 29, 2016  $59,081                        Sept. 30, 2016 $31,848

Mar. 31, 2016  $57,695                       Oct. 31, 2016  $35,067

Apr. 30, 2016  $47,405                        Nov. 30, 2016 $26,835

May 31, 2016  $54,905                        Dec. 31, 2016  $35,224

June 30, 2016  $51,884


DATE             INCOME        EXPENSE      DIFFERENCE

Jan. 2016         $21,382           $30,097           ($8,715)

Feb. 2016        $19,069           $19,765           ($696)

Mar. 2016        $18,995           $23,374           ($4,379)

Apr. 2016        $24,144  (1)     $32,111           ($7,967)

May 2016        $32,332  (2)     $19,766           $12,566

June 2016        $17,117           $19,917           ($2,800)

July 2016         $21,637           $29,387           ($7,750)

Aug. 2016       $17,426           $20,702           ($3,276)

Sept. 2016       $17,834           $23,261           ($5,427)

Oct. 2016        $20,742           $19,970           $772

Nov. 2016       $17,391           $28,554           ($11,163)

Dec. 2016        $22,428  (3)     $19,451           $2,977

Totals              $250,497         $286,355         ($35,858)

(1) Includes $5,000 from Arts & Crafts Show

(2) includes $10,000 from Easter Eggs

(3) includes $5,300 from frosting cans


The facts are the facts! These numbers may be numbing to some, sobering to others, but may the financial concern lifted here be reason to give and grow together!

Pastor Gene Liddick



Annual Conference will celebrate ministry of the Susquehanna Conference. Two special events will take place at Annual Conference held in Hershey that have special significance this year. On Friday evening, May 6th, at 7:15 PM there will be a service of celebration that recognizes the retirement of a number of pastors in our Conference. I, Pastor Gene, will be among those retirees recognized for our years of service on that evening. The service will take place in the main ballroom at the Hershey Convention Center.


On Saturday, May 7th, at 1:30 PM, Mindi Ferguson will be ordained an Elder in the United Methodist Church at the Ordination Service. This will also be held at The Hershey Convention Center. She will be conferred with the title of ‘Reverend’ at this closing service of the Susquehanna Conference. This is a great accomplishment to affirm her as a minister in good standing. You are invited to attend this service, as well as the Friday evening retirement service.



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