New Series: Hope…In the Midst

When December arrives and Advent begins, our busy lives will be focused on family activities and holiday vacations. And so before our lives are consumed by the demands of the holidays, I want us to start thinking about Advent. About Christmas. About hope. We will spend the next four weeks focusing on how we can find hope in the midst of a chaotic world. Ultimately, Jesus is our hope and our reason for celebrating this upcoming season. We will seek to find Jesus in chaos, unrest, expectations, and uncertainty of the scriptures and of our current world.


November 5th 
All Saints Day- Communion
Scripture: Psalm 24:1-6, Hebrews 12:1-3
Sermon: What the World Needs

Today we remember and celebrate all of the saints who have gone before us. We remember the people who have set an example of a faithful life in Christ for us to follow. Our world is in need of more examples of faithful living. Our world is in need of more saints who love God and love people. Who go out into the world and share the Good News of the Gospel through words and actions. Our world needs us to be like Jesus, just as those before us have exemplified.

November 12th:
Scripture: Psalm 16, John 1:1-12
Sermon:  Hope…In the Midst of Chaos 

Sometimes, our world feels chaotic. It feels busy and cluttered and as if we have no control over what is happening to us or around us. Bigger than our individual lives, our society can feel chaotic too. We are not alone. Jesus enters a world of chaos as a baby. The very people he was sent to weren’t ready to receive him or his message. The hope that we find in the chaos of the world is that Jesus came to bring light to the world to all who are willing to receive it. Jesus brings us hope. Jesus brings peace to the chaos.

November 19th
Scripture: Psalm 33:10-12, Matthew 2:13-16
Sermon: Hope…In the Midst of Unrest 

It is of no surprise that our world, nation and even local community has experienced unrest. It comes from many different places: politics, economy, relationships, etc. When our world and our lives are not at peace we feel the effects of it. Jesus entered the world in a time of unrest. His very existence made the government feel threatened and that moved Herod into action to protect his position. Even in the midst of the unrest, hope was found in Jesus. Jesus is the hope of the world, and not even the unrest of the government could remove that hope. Jesus is the hope for our unrest too! He is still the light of the world. Jesus is still the Good News we need in a time where Good News is difficult to come by.

November 26th
Scripture: Isaiah 9:2-7, Micah 5:2-5
Sermon: Hope…In the Midst of Expectations

Expectations. We all have them. Sometimes they are set high and sometimes they are set low. The Israelites, God’s chosen people, had expectations too. They expected a savior to come and conquer the world. They expected a leader who would overthrow the government and rule God’s people once and for all. They didn’t exactly get what they were expecting. Jesus came preaching a message of peace and hope. He wasn’t born in a throne room like a king, but in a stable. Jesus isn’t what they were expecting, but exactly what they needed.


December 3rd- First Sunday in Advent- Hanging of the Greens – No communion
Scripture: Matthew 1:18-25, John 10:27-29
Sermon: Hope…In the Midst of Uncertainty 

Joseph was not certain of what was happening with Mary. He did not know God’s plan and had his own plan to make the best out of the situation before him. Hope came for Joseph in the form of an angel, assuring him that God had a plan. God’s plan would be the hope of the world, Jesus. Even when we are uncertain of what is happening around us, God indeed has a plan. Jesus points us to God’s plan. Jesus shows us the way. The way of hope. The way of love. The way of freedom and salvation. 

December 10th- Second Sunday in Advent
Children’s Christmas Program 

December 17th- Third Sunday in Advent
Christmas Cantata 

December 24th- Fourth Sunday in Advent 
Scripture:1 John 3:1-3, Luke 1:26-38
Sermon: Already but not Yet 

Christmas is now within our reach. We can see it. We know it’s just hours away. But it’s not here quite yet. This is the tension that we sit in as we wait for the second coming of Jesus. We have already experienced his love and forgiveness, but we haven’t yet experienced the fullness of it. We wait with hope and excitement for the coming of Christ, as we already live out the example of hope we see in Jesus. 

December 31st
Scripture: Isaiah 61:10-62:3, Revelation 21:1-6
Sermon: This Could be the Year 

This could be the year…where we keep our promises and make the changes we want to see. This could be the year where we follow through. This could be the year where we do not quit shortly after we start. We set all kinds of goals for ourselves for the new year. We have high hopes for starting new habits or quitting old ones. And while we do not always succeed, God is still doing a new thing. Thankfully, God is more consistent than we are at keeping his promises. God is still at work in the world. What if this is the year? What if this is the year where we fully committed to living out our faith in ways that change the lives of the people around us? What if this is the year that we take a leap of faith and follow where God wants to lead us?

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