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Sermon Series May 5, 12, 19 2024

Imagine living a life desperately running after Jesus, willing to do whatever it takes to be in his presence. What would it look like to be ever desperate for Jesus, seeking his presence, forgiveness and grace? Over the next three weeks we will explore stories throughout the Old Testament that exemplify what it means to be desperate for Jesus.

 May 19         Pentecost - Communion

Scripture: Acts 2:1-8, 37-42

Sermon: Life-Changing  The Holy Spirit enters the room on the day of Pentecost and everything changes. Those who were gathered heard Peter preach and they were so desperate to hear about Jesus that they wanted to know what to do next. How desperate are you to hear the Good News? What do we do after we’ve heard this Good News? Has your life been changed by Jesus? Does it continue to change? 

Emmanuel United Methodist Church


Lord: We need so much prayer and help in our every day life and You are the only one that we can turn to and we ask today for your love and patience. We thank You for the times and days that we have been lifted up by Your love and goodness. Help us to always remember to go to You when in doubt. When we hear of people in other lands who face disasters and disturbances it is then that we love You more and appreciate Your merciful goodness. Bless the parents who teach their little ones about Jesus and help the older children live godly lives. Take care of those in law enforcement as they deal with criminals. Thank You for the men and women who serve in the medical field. Bless the sick and troubled and help those dealing with the loss of loved ones. Thank You for the love and care You give to Your believers. We ask this in the name of Jesus.  Amen

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