Dear Lord: 

Thank you for the many ways You take care of Your children. We are not often worthy of Your care and we know that all we need to do is pray and ask for whatever is needed. Bless the families that are going through difficult times. Help them to be able to support their children and help them to guide the little ones in times of concern. Guide all in government when decisions need to be made for difficult situations.  Support the law enforcement and those in the medical field. Lord, we often need help and guidance when trouble seems to come and we know that only You can, provide this help. Thank You for those who serve in Your churches.  Bless all who faithfully attend and also those that minister. We are thankful for the families that have been re-united in other countries. Thank You for Your love and care.  In the name of Jesus. Amen

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Emmanuel United Methodist Church

November Sermon Series - More Than Enough: Living a Life of Abundance

We tend to live a life of scarcity, believing we never have enough. Our society is a reflection of always wanting more; working tirelessly to fill our lives with “stuff”. Ultimately, the “stuff” isn’t satisfying because we still believe we don’t have enough. In this season of being thankful, we turn our eyes away from worrying and towards Jesus, who is enough for us. When we find our value and worth in Christ, we are freed from a life of scarcity because we always have enough. 

November 26th - "A Generous Life"