​Bible Study 
with Pastor Mindi
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We are off for the summer...See you in September!

Bible Study

We are off for the summer...See you in September!

​Bible Study

First Saturday of each month 8 AM
Come out and enjoy some Men's Christian Fellowship as we seek a closer walk with Christ.

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Emmanuel United Methodist Church

Revival: Hearts and Lives passionately following Jesus 

​Worship Series- July 28th- September 1st  
When we first learn about Jesus and commit our lives to following him, faith feels exciting. We want to grow into the people that we were created to be. But there comes a point in our faith where we sometimes become complacent. We stop putting what we learn about Jesus into action. We stop spending time in God’s Word. We stop communicating with God regularly. And when we get to the place where we are not growing in faith and walking closely with Jesus, we need a revival! Our hearts and lives need life breathed back into them so our passion for Jesus and living into our faith may once again be revived. 

​July 28th: Skeptic 
Scripture: John 1:35-51 

Our world is full of skeptics. We question everything and everyone. It is no different with the church. The world is skeptical of the church. If we want the world to be less skeptical of the church, then we have to actually be the church. WE have to be the ones who love, give and serve. We have to be the ones who go into the community and build relationships with people. Be the example Jesus has set for us. And we are quick to make excuses for why we can’t go and be the church. We are skeptical of the people we will encounter. Skeptical of how the message we have to share will be received. If we are looking for revival in our lives, where our relationship with Jesus is alive and active, then we have to make the move. What are you skeptical about? How is it holding you back from walking with Jesus? 

August 4th: Obedience- Eugene Connolly Preaching 
Scripture: Psalm 119:34-50, Luke 6:27-36 

Obedience is a word that makes us feel uncomfortable. Our society has taught us that we are welcome to do what we please, and nobody can stop us. Obedience sounds like we have to follow someone else’s instructions to a T, or else! Obedience is so much more than a checklist of rules dictated by someone else. Obedience is about following God’s instructions to live a full life. Being obedient to God means that we are set free to live the abundant life God has in store for us. Obedience is a good thing! We are in need of God grabbing our hearts and our attention. Of spiritually waking us up so that we desire to be faithful and obedient followers of Jesus. How can you be more obedient to God? 

August 11th: Purposeful Worship- Rev. Jason Mackey Preaching 
Scripture: Isaiah 58:1-9, John 4:21-24
Worship is often defined by our preferences: contemporary, traditional or blended. It is defined by whether or not it met our standards. But when we take a look at the scriptures, what we discover is that worship is not about our personal standards or preferences. Worship is not about us at all. Worship is about giving thanks and praise to God. We are able to do that corporately and personally. How we worship can take many different forms, but who we worship always remains the same. And should always be our focus. How can God revive our hearts and recapture our hearts in worship? What preconceived notions do we have about worship that need to be examined in order for us to be revived and passionate about worshiping our God? 

August 18th: Blessings that stir our souls 
Scripture: Matthew 5:1-12 

Blessing. Blessed. These are words used in our culture that have come to mean we are more fortunate than someone else and we want people to know about it. That is not how Jesus defines blessing. Jesus’ definition of a blessing is based on who he is, not oon who we are or what we have done. The blessings that Jesus offers should stir our souls. They should revive our hearts and move us into action. How can you be a blessing to others, simply because you are a beloved child of God? 

August 25th: More than Divided – Communion- Blessing of the Backpacks – Mission Trip Re-Cap 
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 1:10-18 

Unity is difficult. When we hear the word unity our minds often go to conformity. But being united does mean we all have to be alike. Being united means that we stand together for a common purpose. Unity takes effort and determination. It can be much simpler to just not be divided. To not disagree with one another but not come together for a common goal either. We are called to much more as Christians that to simply not be divided. And when God revives our hearts, we are compelled to work together for a common purpose, to love God and love people. What will it take for us to allow God to revive our hearts and move us to be united? 

September 1st: A Full Life 
Ephesians 4:17-32 

What does it mean to have a full life? It’s not about doing the most, being the most busy or having the most stuff. Living a full life is about being connected to God. It’s about allowing the Holy Spirit to live in us, speak to us, and lead us to the people and places that need to experience Jesus. We are in need of a revival so we can let go of the “stuff” that keeps us from a full life in Christ. What do you need to let go of so that you may have a full life in Christ? 


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