Faith Like That 

​Worship Series 
July 7th-21st

What does faith look like? How do we know if we have it? In this three- week mini- series, we will take a look at three different stories from scripture to examine what Jesus says about faith and learn how we too can have faith like that. 

July 7th: Mountain Moving Faith

Scripture: Mark 11:20-25
If we are truly honest with ourselves, having faith can be difficult. It is not always easy to trust in what we cannot see. Faith is something that increases the more we learn to trust that God is always present and never abandons us. Faith is a process. What does a faith that can move mountains look like? How do we learn to trust God each and every day? 

July 14th: A Life-Changing Touch – Communion 
Scripture: Mark 5:21-43
Word had been spreading about the healing power and miracles of Jesus. The crowds started to press in so they could see Jesu and maybe experience for themselves what he was all about. One woman in the crowd knew Jesus could heal her if she simply touched his robe.  This woman didn’t know if she would be healed, but she knew Jesus could heal her. How do we practice that kind of faith in our lives? Knowing that God is able in every and all situations to bring healing and restoration? 

July 21st: An Outsider’s Faith 
Scripture: Matthew 8:5-13
In Jesus’ day, outsiders weren’t expected to have faith in God. The Jewish people would have been especially cautious around an outsider with authority, like a Roman Officer. Jesus is impressed by the faith of the officer. His depth of knowledge about authority is captivating. This officer knows what Jesus is capable of from a distance. And he knew Jesus had the power to heal. What can we learn from people who are not in our own circles? How can we put into practice in our own lives the kind of faith that they display? The faith of the Roman Officer not only effected his life, but the lives of others as well. How does our faith in Jesus effect the people around us? 

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We are off for the summer...See you in September!

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We are off for the summer...See you in September!

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