Dear Lord:

We come to You with grateful hearts and to ask You for blessings on the men and women in our church who are dealing with illness and surgeries.  Please give them the strength needed to seek medical help and whatever is needed to get relief. Also we ask for help to face any losses of loved ones. It is with grateful hearts that we thank You for the support to deal with the heartache.  Others in the church have problems and are looking for Your help. Because of Your love we know it will be granted.  Bless any children who are in pain and are dealing with ailments that seem to be happening in our world  these days. Grant peace to all military men and women, keep them safe. Stay the works of wars and disasters.  Protect the law enforcement.  Stop all crimes that are happening too frequently.  Support the churches and those that serve.  May Your word be spoken to all for relief from fear and doubt. We ask these requests in the Holy Name of Jesus.  Amen.

​​​Fall is coming . . . . .

Emmanuel United Methodist Church

​​​WORSHIP  ​at Emmanuel

 Weekly Worship Service with a message from Pastor Mindi Gochnaur, traditional hymns, contemporary praise songs and special music by Emmanuel's Sanctuary, Hand Bell and Children's  Choir. ​​